Transportation – We offer transportation to and from school. Buses leave at 7:10 am Monday – Friday.

PTA – Every year in the month of February, we host our Annual Parents’ Appreciation Dinner

Meals – We are a “Nut-Free” center. Any foods brought in to the center for events are required to be nut free. Please contact the center for any questions you may have.

Color fruits, berries and vegetables. Healthy food background

Center on the Developing Child

This Harvard University center translates and applies research about child development to help improve life outcomes for children worldwide. The Center is known for its National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, which communicates scientific information about child development and the brain


Developed by pediatric medical specialists, this site offers information on child health to children, parents, and medical professionals. The parenting sections offer information about specific illnesses and parent support groups. The site also includes a section for children.